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    This site lets you look like a professional graphic designer without all the blood, sweat and tears that come with it. Canva has thousands of templates so you can find what works best for you. Need a business card? Canva can help. Planning an outing and need a flyer? Canva can help. Sending out a newsletter? Canva can help with that too! The simple interface allows even those who don’t understand technology to succeed.  If you aren’t convinced yet, below are some of the professional grade creations I made through Canva. Trust me when I say that these were created by a complete novice designer.      

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    iCloud Contacts Transfer to Google

    I recently decided to no longer have an apple phone and, for the most part, transfer my stuff over to google. The main issue I ran into was how to transfer my contacts over! I tried the recommended ways and could not get them to work. Eventually I came across a system that worked great and that is what I am going to share with you in this article. Make sure your contacts are synced to icloud. You can do this on your phone under settings, then click your name at the top and find contacts. Go to www.icloud.com and log in. Apple will make you verify that it’s you…

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    I discovered Honey one day when I was browsing through the google plugins and I am so grateful that I did. Honey is an online coupon finder that automatically searches the web to find any and all coupons that could work for your purchase. It works on hundreds of sites, just recently I got 20% off and free shipping on Adidas because of Honey! On top of coupons, it also gives you rebates in the form of Honey Gold. Honey will give you a percentage of the money you spent on your purchase back in “gold coins.” You can redeem these coins once you have 1000 of them, which is…

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    I have found a new love! It comes in the form of a super cool, out of the box, cruelty free beauty brand called Glossier. I discovered them through ads on Instagram. I know I should be more mad about the Instagram ads but honestly they have all been pretty accurate and lead me to some awesome companies (I do not feel the same way about Facebook ads). Glossier’s style intrigued me so I decided to click through their website. It may not be everyone’s cup of of tea, but it’s definitely mine. First off, their mouse is not the normal triangle the whole time. When you slide it over…

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    My Love of Ouidad

    Ouidad is a person, a brand and a lifestyle. However, if I were to put it in very simple terms, it is a hair care line for people with curly hair. I spent my whole childhood and teen years looking for the right hair products. That meant every time I went to the store I would pick up a different brand. None of them seemed to do anything different from each other, I still had frizz and dryness no matter the product. Then during high school I decided I wanted all my products to be cruelty free. Why should animals suffer for products that are frivolous and unnecessary to my…

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    Beauty Pie

    The clouds parted on my beauty routine when Beauty Pie came into my life. It is a brand-less, top quality, cruelty free makeup and skincare company with a monthly subscription. One of their main beliefs is that the mark-up on makeup is unfair to the consumer and I completely agree. High quality makeup can be priced four or fives times what it cost to make the product! What Beauty Pie does is go to the manufacturer, purchase the makeup there and slap a Beauty Pie label on it. This cuts the cost of the “name brand” and the middle man, giving all the savings right back to the consumer. I…

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    Captioning on YouTube

    Closed captioning is a wonderful feature YouTube offers that allows the viewer to read what is being said in the video. Before captioning a video on YouTube, I didn’t know much about this feature. I more or less assumed that YouTube captioned all videos perfectly and that’s why we have such good cc on many videos. Turns out, if the captioning is done well, most likely someone went in and did it. I had the opportunity to caption a video after St. Norbert held its fifth annual T3 conference. A tech conference focused on transformative teaching practices. Below I will go through the steps it takes to caption your video…

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    The Search for the Perfect Logo

      We all know that branding is important. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is a good idea, but when it comes down to it, that is the absolute first thing we do. If a book LOOKS awesome then I’m gonna pick it up and read the back. The same goes for most products I buy. When products are well designed from the product itself to the label, odds are, I’m gonna choose it. The design of a product can make a novice group look like some of the best professionals out there. These were thoughts going through my head when deciding how to brand Adventure Club.…

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      WeVideo is a wonderful program that allows you to edit and create professional videos. There are many different features to use making it easy to create whatever you can imagine! WeVideo is also quite easy to navigate, allowing people of every skill level to manipulate its features. Below are the three different videos I created using the program. I was able to incorporate my passion for education in two of the three videos created.     Here is the first video I made using WeVideo. It is an introduction of myself that I created using multiple video clips shot in multiple locations on my campus. The clips were put…

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    First Day in Florence

      This was one of the scariest and exciting days of my life. The first thought I had when I arrived alone in my apartment was “OH MY GOD. I have made a mistake. I cannot actually do this.” Pure panic set in once I realized that I could not take this life changing decision back. Back up a few minutes to the first moment of arrival at my apartment. Doors in Italy are different than they are in the United States. When taking out my set of keys, I looked at all four of them and wondered which to try first. I felt like Harry Potter when he tried…